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At The Gate
We Appreciate You!...and your always positive response to Wilson baseball's general fundraising opportunities

To everyone who has supported the baseball program by participating in our fundraiser's! --- Thank You

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Cash Contributions.
Perfect for those of us who are not able to gift time but want to make an equally generous financial contribution. Write your check, now, payable to Wilson High School Baseball and send to Wilson High School 1151 SW Vermont, Portland, Oregon 97219 Attn: Bookkeeper. Remember it's tax deductible!
On The Bench
Supporters Line the Bench
Loyal supporters and long time lovers of the game;those new to the sport as well as parents, grandparents, other relatives, staff, community,and friends; all have reached out to take part in the 'great American past-time'...if not by batting, pitching, catching and running bases; then, by making sure that the game at Wilson is played with the best, using the best, to teach and encourage all the best baseball has to offer our students.
One of the foundations of the Baseball Program. Contact any of the coaches and let them know you'd like to help out!
What's New
The season is just around the corner!!! Pre-season conditioning is underway. Coaches are working within the OSAA “Rule of 8” that allows our program to coach eight players a day for two weeks prior to the season. The first day of official practice will be Monday, the 27th of February. Our first competition will be in the Jamboree at Lake Oswego on March 13th. Our first home game of the year will be Wednesday, March 15 vs. David Douglas.”


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